"Sunday best takes off and flies, thanks to some lovely writing and the authors courage. One of the books of the year - I devoured it in two days." Carol George, Senior Writer/Editor, Australian Women's Weekly

Ada Langton's The Art Of Preserving Love is a carefully controlled rambling rose bush of a tale. Kim Kelly

Ada Langton Author who sometimes writes as Robbi Neal

Must Reads of 2018 Ada Langton The Art of Preserving Love
From the opening chapter title of this delightful debut, it’s clear this is historical fiction told with warmth and a hint of mischief:


Ada Langton sometimes writes under her birth name Robbi Neal. She has two blogs that she sporadically writes. As she loves procrasticooking her recipe blog can be found at www.retrohippiecook.com and her other blog is about life and this one she writes even more infrequently as life gets in the way. This blog can be found at www.robbineal.wordpress.com

She is on instagram where she occasionally posts photos of unrelated stuff.

She is only sometimes on Facebook who keep blocking her because they think Robbi Neal is impersonating Ada Langton or Ada Langton is impersonating Robbi Neal. 

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