The Art Of Preserving Love

To be Published by Mira Press

February 2018 

Half an inch, half an inch, half an inch shorter,
The skirts are the same for mother and daughter,
When the wind blows each of them shows,
Half an inch, half an inch, more than she oughter'
The Triad – A Journal Devoted to Literacy, Sydney, July 1928

I found the above ditty, published by The Triad in 1928 and it fit my new novel perfectly. This is  a book about love, war, tragedy and hope set in Ballarat, Victoria in 1905.

Sunday Best

Published by HarperCollins

​I wrote this book when I was diagnosed with aggressive breast cancer and told I had a 20% chance of surviving not much more than a few months.

My baby was only 3 years old and I knew if I died she wouldn't remember me. In between chemo and surgery I wrote Sunday Best for my 5 children. I wanted them to know who I was, warts and all. I hoped my story would help them understand who they were as they grew.

I sent a section of the manuscript off to the Varuna-HarperCollins Manuscript Award and it was one of the winners and soon later was published by HarperCollins.

That was the beginning of my life as a writer. I was hooked.

Sunday Best is a story of a childhood that was bad enough to write about, of eccentric grandmothers, strict religious rules and of running off to find a new life with totally the wrong sort of guy.

Coming Soon:

The Celestial World Of Connie Starr

After Before Time

Published by HarperCollins

​Release Date: 1 April 2016

After Before Time is my love letter to a community I lived with for nearly 7 years.

I was asked to write this book by some of the Elders. They gave me snippets of their life. The Old Fella said to me, 'Hey Girl, you are a story teller - you tell our story so people will know us Aboriginal People."

He told me, "I didn't want a girl from round here, I fell in love with a girl somewhere else. But she was promised. There was a big fight and I won and she got cut up bad." From this I wrote Joseph's yarn, the last chapter in the book. I read the story to Joseph, a story which had grown from the few lines he gave me to approximately 10,000 words. Joseph listened carefully as I read and then he thumped his chest and said, "thats it Girl - you got it. Thats true."

This book tells not only the story of individuals and their joys and sorrows but the story of a community.