Reading After Before Time is a total heart experience. Be prepared to experience a whole gamut of feelings, as there is no soft-pedalling here. The characters disclose the depth of their anger, sadness, grief and pain, directly and bluntly. But there is also great love, warmth, and generosity of spirit towards each other and towards those whites who, over the generations, have loved and tried to help them. The book is rich with insights into customs, traditional beliefs, practices and culture; and humorous observations of what the protagonists regard as absurd white behaviour and demands.........
Finally, this book would greatly enrich any high school reading curriculum. It is educational, informative, interesting and entertaining, a cultural must; and it challenges the prejudice, arrogance and misunderstanding that has dogged black/white relations in Australia. It has enough power to transform our society into a more compassionate and harmonious one. 

Suzanne Marks

Newtown Review of Books

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Compelling, honest and readable. This is a book that will make you laugh as well as cry. A celebration of life, written from the heart, it is almost impossible to put down.

David Ellery

Features Editor

The Courier

​​ "Captivating. I loved these stories." 

  Jenuarrie Artist/Mentor Koinmerburra Country 

"This book takes off and flies, thanks to some lovely writing and the authors courage. One of the books of the year - I devoured it in two days."

Carol George

Senior Writer/Editor

Australian Women's Weekly

October 2004

Reviews of Sunday Best

Her descriptions of her emerging sexuality are painfully and honestly accurate. Neal's adult life has been greatly complicated by traumas and the religious passions of her childhood and teenage years. This is a good account of growing up in Australia in the 1960's

Sunday Telegraph

Reviews of Sunday Best

"Neal refuses to feel sorry for herself. Her story is absolutely compelling. A touching read."

Sunday Herald Sunday Magazine

Reviews of ​​After Before Time

Reviews for The Art Of Preserving Love

Must Reads Of 2018

Ada Langton The Art of Preserving Love

From the opening chapter title of this delightful debut, it’s clear this is historical fiction told with warmth and a hint of mischief:

What sets Neal's story apart, beside the truism that everyone's story is different, is the telling of it. Neal's narrative voice is neither pedestrian nor sensationalist....subtle and finely balanced.... it is at once intimate and polished."

Lorien Kaye

The Age Review Books

Ada Langton’s The Art of Preserving Love is a carefully controlled, rambling rose bush of a tale. 

From the opening chapter title of this delightful debut........ this novel is a maze of intriguing teasers strung out with the mad sort of logic abiding desire brings.

That Langton manages to pull this off without a mawkish note is a remarkable achievement. This is less a story about the healing of wounds as it is an exploration of how those wounds shape us......This novel is anything but predictable, except perhaps in its satisfying conclusion, and even then we don’t get there by any expected route. Indeed, there is a delicious romantic twist midway that’s beautifully handled, and poignantly real. .....
Whimsical, intelligent and blossoming everywhere with all kinds of emotional honesty, The Artof Preserving Love is by far the loveliest and most inventive contribution to Australian-flavoured romantic fiction this reader has read in quite some time.

Kim Kelly

Newton Review of Books